Reviewing our 2017 blogs from these linked categories of Change, Development, Empowerment and Strategy may foster ideas you can use as you work to align groups you lead or impact.  If you need more ideas, contact us!


Living in the Change Curve Equip employees & leaders to thrive through the pace of steady change
Just a Spoon Full of Sugar Incorporate fun into bitter change by rewards to early adopters & celebrating incremental success
Sharpen Your Focus During Change Use two filters to survive change and lead others to success
If We Do Not Hang Together… There is great power in teams examining realities and solutions together during times of change
Control What you Can Control Set behavior expectations that create effective results during change
Disarm the Mine Field of Merging Established Teams Navigate the explosive feelings of teams required to create a shared future
Ditch the Rose-Colored Glasses Energize your team when announcing change; reduce the fear and reduce their resistance


Motivating Beyond the 90-day Honeymoon Ensure your new leaders get a good foundation in their first year
Does Great Training = Great Results? Ensure you lead your training efforts to success and not sabotage
Statistics: More Than Numbers Manage the data required to measure the performance of others


Face the Ugly Side of Goal Setting Move goals from a list to execution and profit
Let’s Do Teambuilding Match teambuilding results to the value of the resources you spend
Energy-Generating Habits = Profit-Generating Results Engage hourly habits that fuel effective results in your world.
Out of Sight Out of Mind Intentionally ensure remote employees are effectively engaged and supported
Competitors or Comrades Equip competing teams to work toward meeting systemic priorities
Four Conversations for Supervising Equip yourself: use these 4 distinct conversations to make a difference
Why Value Other’s Values? Spark engagement in others by taking the time to understand their values
What’s More Important? Weigh the business value of priorities and personal preferences
Is Your Resume Current? Engage your employees in their career and build trust by equipping them


Hire the One that Will Lead to Success Create effective interview questions
Who Ensures Effective Training ROI? Avoid these damaging gaps that often lower return on training investment
Engaging Our Millennials Use solid leadership skills to engage these mysterious millennials
Goal Execution Gets Lost in the Whirlwind Check in to make sure everyone is still headed in the direction of success
No One Works in a Vacuum Ensure your entire workforce is moving in the same direction
So What Did You Expect? Manage the expectations required to produce results from others
Communication: a Lifelong Conservatory Give structure to your lifetime of communication enrichment
What’s Time Management, Anyway? Share tools as a core strategy: quadrants of urgency & importance
Not Another Staff Meeting Improve staff meeting attitudes; build a foundation of engagement
Political Tension Seeping into Work Walls Address extreme behavior driven by personal stuff
Good Cultures Attract Good Employees Strength your culture of trust; grow business results and employee careers
Re-frame your Networking Strategy Make your networking count by building trust instead of selling yourself
Competing Teams Drain Energy and Profit Check the mirror for causes of conflicts and competition
Be Trustworthy and Brave Manage the trust required to influence the performance of others
Thanks! Show gratitude in ways that create unified results
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