Humbled by and grateful for these encouraging comments….

– Michael Harmon, as Lieutenant Colonel, retiring USMC
I consulted with Susan from Pepperbox in order to sharpen my communication skills and prepare for a job interview. She provided some valuable insights and feedback that helped me think about my experiences, highlight my strengths, and communicate my goals in a manner to which my potential employer could relate. The result was two job offers. I’d highly recommend Susan and Pepperbox to improve your communication skills.

– Nathaniel Kimball, Principal Software Engineer, Product Owner
I’ve known Susan for well over a decade and have seen the fruits of her advice in many endeavors, so I was very excited at the opportunity to try out her sounding board service when she offered it to me after hearing that I was in a new leadership position at work. Whether you are new to leadership as I am or a long time veteran, the value of a compass is not only in letting you know if you are off course but even more so for letting you know you remain on course. Personally and professionally I’ve found Susan to be a very reliable compass and a treasure trove of sound advice.

– Alexis Barton, Copy Writer, Blogger and Community Personality
Susan’s thoughtful assessment of my personality type, work style and professional goals helped me effectively navigate some pressing career concerns.  Her approachable, non-judgmental and warm demeanor made it easy to open up during our coaching session.  The solutions she suggested were reassuring and reasonable. I wholeheartedly recommend her services!

– Leslie Johnson, Marketing Project Manager
As a Project Manager, I manage multiple projects on a daily basis and have been doing so by myself for quite some time. I was recently able to hire an assistant, but I had no idea how to manage her. Susan was a huge help. She helped me realize what I should delegate and how I could utilize the new employees’ strengths while taking some of the burden off of me. Susan is so easy to talk to. It’s like asking an old friend for advice. She gives her honest opinions and answers while helping you find solutions to your problems. I highly recommend Susan for any and all of your business consulting needs.

– Martha Phillips, Supervisor of Training & Quality
Susan knows how to develop and work on team-building from the associates in a company to the executive level. She is ethical and honest, with great presentation skills and a dash of creativity. You follow her recommendations and you will see positive changes among your participants.

– Layla Nava Trejo, Program Manager
Coaching helped me perform a much-needed critical self-evaluation and then gave me the tools to help myself out of certain situations. There were several things that were extremely valuable to me, but I would have to say that getting someone from outside the organization to understand the company dynamic so quickly was a true gift.

– Caron Sjöberg, Business Owner
Susan, I was so happy to read your detailed notes, thank you! I came back to the office from a board meeting about half an hour ago and the manager you’ve been coaching was hard at work on implementing some of your suggestions. He is in a great frame of mind, and obviously took your feedback in the way it was intended – to help him grow and improve. He seems relieved to have gotten finite direction that he understands, instead of irritated sound bites in our chaos. He has already made two great suggestions. Thank you so very much!
And a cool text… I can fill you in tomorrow, but I had to let you know how spot on you were with today’s suggestion regarding communicating / getting through to my employees. I totally used your advice, changed my approach and believe my words actually got through. Same problem, new approach, and saw a spark of ‘oh I get this now’!

– Tony Mazzuco, Production Manager
My 8-week coaching session with Susan at Pepperbox Solutions was brought about from a negative event at work. It identified a common experience that happens to many people who are put into a leadership role. Some people are natural leaders, most are not, and we learn from the school of hard knocks. Being a manager has shown me that I still have a lot to learn when it comes to dealing with people. The eye-opening revelations, lessons and tools that Susan presented in her coaching were indeed things I needed to learn. A clear understanding of how concepts like “expectations” and “accountability” work together was one thing that I knew but had never put into action.   What I realized most is that I have lead technicians that are going through the same hard lessons as I have faced and still face. I am now using the coaching that Susan provided me… to coach them. We are reaping the benefits from the awesome lessons from Pepperbox. Thank you Susan!

– Pamela Sanderson, Director of Operations
I worked with Susan through an 8 week customized coaching session, and I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone in a leadership role or looking to go into a leadership role. She just gets it. She has a thorough understanding of business, of leading a team, and of communicating as a manager of people. I cannot possibly sing her praises enough. I can’t wait to work with her again and I have encouraged all of my colleagues to use her services.

– Jeff Pribble, International School Administrator
One of the biggest goals in school administration is to create and maintain a positive team environment. My staff is a mix of individuals from two unique people groups on opposite sides of the globe, and our first challenge is always to learn to communicate clearly with one another, overcoming both cultural barriers and linguistic obstacles. Susan prepared a terrific package that addressed our needs specifically and directly. During our teacher training, I realized that Susan’s materials had not just smoothed the process; her suggestions for team-building had become the crux of my message to the teachers. This was no accident. Pepperbox Solutions is aptly named, as Susan possesses the rare gift of being able to break complex issues down into manageable, teachable steps.

– Participant of Team-development Event
Susan provided the team and me with an amazing experience. I especially enjoy how Susan uses methods to identify core issues and promotes team accountability and measurable results. The way Susan ties it all back to business strategy and one’s own choice to take themselves and the organization to the next level is pure brilliance. In addition, Susan is just plain fun! The team’s feedback after our 2-day session was very positive and the tools provided are realistic and easy to apply in our real world (as long as the individuals and team are committed). Thank you Susan!

– Jamie Parris, Marketing Consultant
Meeting with Susan was a tremendous help to me as I prepared for public speaking opportunities.   I was eager to get real, honest feedback on how I was doing.  Susan gave me valuable insights into my presentation and my delivery, and she did it in an encouraging way. I appreciated that she didn’t put me in a box with the cookie cutter best practices for public speaking. She tailored her feedback to my strengths and my message. I will definitely work with Susan as I prepare for future speaking opportunities, and as we work on team dynamics at my office.

– Christina Sullivan, Human Resource Director
Thank you for the productive and full week Susan Rollwagen! We partnered with Pepperbox Solutions to customize a 2-day event crafted to energize my team through the continuing change.
Focusing on the next stage of their development, they explored individual contributions, styles and commitments. Susan and the group flexed gracefully to meet our objectives through some chaotic schedule and business needs. The team’s gratitude is unanimous, and they show a renewed willingness to invest in one another and to try new concepts while creating solutions for their customers.

– Kristin Longley, Marketing Executive
Susan helped me bring multiple new teams together, establishing better working ground rules, encouraging teammates to work through initial ambiguity and synthesizing clearer work hand offs.  In addition, Susan inspired me to be a stronger leader by stepping out of my comfort zone of material and expanding my skills and abilities in new areas.  She has the ability to recognize potential, provide feedback and training in a positive and inspiring way, convincing individuals that they can be better than they even imagined.

– Chuck A. Emling III, Vice President of Sales
Susan joined our team in the middle of hectic day-to-day operations:  Often the sales and engineering teams were in disputes, the executive management team was at odds, department heads inside all operations groups distrusted the dependability of their peers, etc.  Dysfunction and growth pressures were common.  Communication was always a problem, information lagged behind development in every area of the company; inter-department communications in particular presented great challenges.
Susan helped to create teams that identified obstacles, cross functional groups that drove solutions and, most importantly, the implementation of change.  Susan worked very closely to improve communication skills and develop best practices inside the engineering and technical work groups, who had very different personalities strengths.
Susan is a highly professional and skilled coordinator.  Observation and listening skills are very apparent in her skill set, and she employs these traits in all her work.

– Lori Gurule-Rat, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager
Susan is a first class Business Consultant, Partner and thought leader….  She is a great collaborator and a pleasure to work with. Her strategic vision and attention to detail will afford her continued success always.  On one project specifically we looked at different aspects of my team and their individual contributions…. Afterward my team showed stronger team Commitment, Better Team Collaboration and Higher Trust. Susan is also a great teacher and mentor which is another reason people love working with her.  If you have the opportunity to work with Susan, I suggest you take full advantage of it!

– Victoria Vaughn, Talent Management Development Professional
Susan has a unique talent for viewing others’ perspectives and finding commonality to goal or purpose. This is a true gift and talent in the Organizational Development world. Her rapid responsiveness is critical to business success; her solutions are prized for their applicability and practicality.

– From Mike Dunne, Technical Trainer
…while Susan was leading the revolution in how training was both developed and delivered:  As an amateur technical trainer — in other words, a leading member of the technical staff but not a career teaching professional — I learned quite quickly that in order to deliver successful learning initiatives, one has to be thoughtful and creative — in addition to knowing the subject matter — while at the same time being a stickler for getting buy-in from stakeholders: students, managers, and department heads….

– Michael Cantwell, Engineering Executive
One of the benchmarks of Susan’s presentations is her unique, seamless blending of leadership and facilitation talent. With impeccable timing and sense, Susan stays reliability one step ahead of the group’s momentum, providing her audience both direction to maximize efficiency and the ownership to develop their own path.
Appreciative and respectful of diversity, Susan can turn-on-a-dime during teamwork facilitation or team building exercises enabling her to harvest the most from each team member and enrich their interactive dynamics towards maximizing the team’s synergy. Her creativity, focus, and good-natured approach always set a pleasant yet effective tone in the group. Susan is truly top-shelf and I look forward to utilizing her professional services again.