Sounding Board Service

“… the value of a compass is not only in letting you know if you are off course
but even more so for letting you know you remain on course.”
Pepperbox client, Nathaniel Kimball

2020 remote employees are realizing they must create a new brand with their team and the teams they support….  If you need a customized strategy to be successful in this critical career effort, let’s talk!

Seeking input can sometimes make the difference between returning to work with a great plan or a dull headache.  There are times when you need to pull the time-out card, to find a safe place to say “I don’t know” or to ask “What do you think?”  You know action is necessary to get others on the same page or the right page, but a safe sounding board to help craft, tweak or confirm your action could increase your effectiveness.

If your next step could be career-limiting or just a new path, reduce the risk.  We offer a confidential service inviting leaders to schedule a one-time, sounding-board call to get professional perspective on decisions or responsibilities they or their employees are facing.  We often share tips or tools following these calls as our clients’ needs dictate.  We’ve been helping leaders through employee and relational challenges for over 20 years.  Pick our brains!

…also available for Individual Contributors as Career Check-Up Conversations

We commit to…

  • Serve as a sounding board during an hour of telephone conversation
  • Schedule a call within three business days
  • Keep your conversation and its contents in confidence
  • Use our expertise to offer professional perspectives on your ideas and options
  • Charge you only $100 for the support ($50 / hr for remote employees through 2021)
  • And be available for reasonable follow-up communication if needed because we’d love to hear about your success!

Complete and submit this request form.  We’ll contact you to schedule the best time and follow that with an email confirmation & PayPal link for compensation.
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