These are the ways we currently package our services to help you find the solutions you need.  We are happy to answer any questions you have.



We help leaders find solutions to performance issues so they can improve their organization results.  To that end, our consultations are about hearing your story and sharing options that we have experienced as effective in similar situations.

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Sounding Board Service

Seeking sound input on how to address colleague, boss or employee performance gaps can make the difference between returning to work with a great plan or a dull headache.  You know action is necessary, but it would be great to have an experienced sounding board to help identify or just confirm which actions to take.

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Customized Coaching

Life comes at you fast when you take on a new project or responsibility or are thrown suddenly into a big change.  Leaders navigating those new and choppy waters often need a bit of temporary support getting all oars pulling in the same direction.  Professionals have found a couple months of Customized Coaching helpful in considering smart decisions and making better first impressions.
Our executive clients find offering this kind of limited development opportunity is a confidence builder for critical employees.

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Pepperbox Lunch Box

CURIOUS? CAUTIOUS? SKEPTICAL?  Our experience allows us to respect your resource realities by offering solutions aligned to your budget realities.


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