Empowering You to Improve Your Professional Performance

Susan taking notes during a coaching session.

When you and your team are aligned, success is within your reach.

Leaders are saying that customized, personal coaching is critical for professional career growth and for working effectively with others.

Susan offers tailored coaching for business leaders in areas they wrestle with daily: influencing groups, resolving conflict, personality differences, converting expectations into accountability, and more.

Pepperbox coaching sessions focus on the specific areas of your work that you want clarity and tactics in handling. We listen to your pain, offer tested ideas and tools, invite your push-back and concerns, and help you apply solutions that fit you, your culture, and your challenge.

Coaching Solutions

Pepperbox video coaching sessions are designed to give you personal and private feedback, guidance, and education on the specific topics you need help with. Susan offers 1-hour drop in coaching sessions for people who have an immediate problem they need to solve. For others who want ongoing coaching or who are looking for coaching for their team members, she can offer a quote for an ongoing, specialized package.

After Submitting the Form

After you submit the completed form, you will be contacted by email within a couple of business days to schedule a time to talk. In some cases, a clarity phone call is needed before booking your video coaching session. But your response to your Pepperbox Solutions email will get things started!

After the Call

After the video session, Susan will follow up with notes of what you discussed and resources that may help you take the next steps successfully. She will also be available for follow up phone calls for two weeks after the session to clarify any points or cover any questions that result as you execute the strategies.

Topics We Can Cover

  • Facilitating agreement
  • Influencing performance
  • Creating accountability
  • Escalating issues wisely
  • Building trust
  • Influencing leaders
  • Clarifying expectations
  • Delivering bad news
  • Leading change
  • Navigating conflict
  • Inspiring engagement