Maintain Profits with Remote Workers

Transition Your Managers Successfully through Your Pandemic Adjustments
RAPLEXITY: change that is rapid and complex

The current chaos has forced many supervisors to support their teams – and suddenly remote employees – through change they have never faced before. 

Fear and moment-by-moment procedure adjustments consume us.  If you still have work, then you likely have even less time for learning how to navigate your new world or for equipping your leaders with new skills.  I can help!  I offer a confidential service inviting leaders to schedule sounding-board calls for tips and guidance through their current performance management challenges.

As we face continued unknowns, we must calm our emotions and transition from a week of temporary adjustments into consistent practices to try and maintain profit and our incomes.  Schedule conversations for you and your team to find specific solutions for your specific pain.  Below are details for this offer, my credentials, & a few tips for today.


  • Currently, I am charging half-price [$50 an hour] for professional phone support regarding your performance needs and options.
  • Complete and submit the request form below.
  • I’ll contact you to schedule your best time & follow that with confirmation details.

Performance Coaching Request Form:


 Review here my professional expertise gained through 30 years in organization development.


  • “Put on your own oxygen mask first!” Stop and make sure you have what you need to do your own work of leading and supporting others: self-health priorities, emotional partnerships, work space, communication with decision-makers, hope….
  • Prepare to re-prioritize your work and methods daily.
  • Managing people and their productivity is key to managing profits during business change:
    • Clarify communication: you must REPEAT messaging & use diverse delivery paths to be remembered in this fog
    • Measure RESULTS & set short-term delivery targets: don’t waste your time chasing down the time others are wasting…
  • Establish clear expectations and commitments with REMOTE employees: Examples…
    • How and how often are they expected to confirm their targeted and completed work?
    • How are they expected to question or confirm their understanding of shared information?
    • How are they expected to escalate needs to resolve issues that impact revenue?
    • How are they expected to keep up with changing priorities?
    • What reciprocal commitments will you make to them? Ex: Let’s respond to one another within….
    • Patiently balance your willingness to trust with your need to confirm performance progress through the blind-spots resulting from our “distancing”!
  • Don’t damage your credibility… at this point, the only thing you can promise is more change….

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