HR Partnerships

The professional world of selecting, protecting and developing the HUMAN resources of business takes a kaleidoscope of differing skills.  Twenty years ago I made a decision to focus on the strategic development needed to align the humans of organizations with their work toward mutual success.  Because I have had amazingly collaborative partnerships with my colleagues in the other HR functions, I have not pursued expertise in those areas.  Because I’ve found these HR experts to hold critical puzzle-pieces needed to help leaders develop their organizations effectively, I am their greatest cheerleader.

Leaders of small and mid-sized businesses must wear multiple hats and find creative and effective ways to meet their diverse HR needs.  They have the answers; they know the operations, personalities, challenges and strengths that are the DNA of their business.  I have no interest in competing with PEOs or other human resource support teams or groups.  I would much rather partner with existing HR resources, to help fill alignment gaps where my Organization Development experience and expertise can help.

Because this page is not accessible directly from my website, you are likely an HR professional who received a requested link to it.  This gives me a chance to share with you the messages in the paragraphs above and to share – in a more HR language – the ways I’ve partnered effectively with HR colleagues.

If the list below sparks an interest for you, or you envision an additional way we could partner for the success of your organization, please connect on Linked-In, follow my blog or contact me!

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Co-Facilitating Strategic Planning Initiatives

  • Typically the balancing of familiar competence (you) with the professional expectation of a stranger (me) makes for an effective effort.
  • The success of these sessions always hinges on effective planning and the internal participation entrusted to me by perceptive leaders.
  • Sometimes we each need a 3rd party to state tough messages or to simply keep the group out of the weeds during these conversations.

Planning &/or Facilitating Team Alignment Initiatives

  • These are my passion because of the great mix of creativity, exploration, fun and expectation generated by the team.
  • My first question will always be, “What does the team need to accomplish from this effort?”
  • Again, your understanding of the business and the characters is key to successful planning, and I am thrilled to take a back seat in the facilitation if you’d like to take the reigns.

Customizing Professional Learning

  • Having managed training departments from start-ups to public corporations, I respect the skills trainers share with their participants.  I am equally equipped to develop train-the-trainer content or deliver it myself.
  • Even the best of strategies require PEOPLE to execute the changes. My experience supporting organization change initiatives has gifted me with a foundational understanding of the dynamics critical to leading people to implement successful change.
  • My diverse certifications allow for pinpointing and combining specific learning objectives more efficiently.

Creating Performance Management Accountability

  • Without performance accountability, development ROI is a mystery.
  • Without performance management, development needs are conjecture.
  • As aggressive organizations are now learning, overly robust performance management programs can be ineffective and exhausting – we can make yours fit your culture and business needs!

Applying Human Behavior Tools to Meet Expectations

  • I find that effective facilitation of experiential learning and group discovery align critical perspectives and priorities quickly.
  • Personal assessments are used effectively to focus individuals and teams toward specific objectives and toward appreciation of diversities.
  • When off-the-shelf content is not a fit, my clients have found value in customizing the needed variety of learning to the depth that specific team or leadership initiatives require.
  • I am certified in Birkman and MBTI

Oh, and… Offering Standard Pepperbox Services 🙂