Feedback for Pepperbox Solutions

I very much appreciate your energy and participation in our event this week.  I would also appreciate a bit of feedback about what parts you felt were effective and propelled us toward our common objective.  Please share whatever you feel is valuable for me to know to improve my efforts and to support your initiatives.


NEXT STEP priorities from BIS initiative on July 3, 2018:

  1. Using the Data-component as a guideline, establish a BIS scorecard that prioritizes agreed-upon trending comparisons, predictive data, and/or prioritized results that prompt effective goal-setting and execution-focus.
  2. In a bulleted document, define what “Traction” means when translated to the ‘BIS Way.’
  3. Share with all levels of BIS employees the updated ‘BIS Way’ in a big-picture language they can understand and apply to their jobs.
  4. Fill the Integrator accountability gap
  5. Create communication consistency in these areas
    • leadership uses BIS values-language in casual and performance conversation
    • reflect leadership-unity in message content and employee conversation
    • identify & use communication methods that work best at BIS