Customized Coaching

Life comes at you fast when you take on a new project or responsibility or are thrown suddenly into a big change.  That is when most of us would like some extra help navigating those new and choppy waters.

In times like these, no matter your experience, it helps to have access to a confidential, outside-the-fray, professional who can offer experience, tools and a recurring time to talk through what’s happening, possible solutions and ideas on the next steps to take.  Unfortunately, the people we typically reach out to for coaching reinforcements are usually battling the chaos with us.

Customized Performance Coaching Service

  • Eight professional coaching conversations
  • A weekly, one-on-one hour: phone, video call or in-person (as location allows)
  • Customized to your individual needs
  • Experienced solutions and professional resources
  • Protected conversations*
  • Six months of spontaneous questions
  • $1200 total: invoiced half first and last scheduled weeks

Just call 850-384-6646 or email to see if this Customized Coaching service is right for you or your employee or colleague.  General questions…

*We rely heavily on your honest assessment regarding your situation. Realizing that your career success often rests on candid self-reflection, information security and respect of personnel, we document our commitment that perspectives shared during our collaboration will be kept in confidence by us, as your consulting vendor.