What Can You Expect?

Our philosophy is to equip business leaders to lead their teams forward toward success. It is not effective for your team to follow a consultant; they must follow you or your leaders. We also do not prescribe solutions for your alignment challenges without having an understanding of your team symptoms. The quality of consultative advice rests on the quality of the picture you share.

To that end, our consultations are about hearing your story and sharing options that we have experienced as effective in similar situations. As the leader and decision maker, your empowerment to lead successfully equals our success.  We encourage leaders to be as participative as possible in solution initiatives.

Schedule a Consultation

  • You will leave the meeting with some ideas for solutions you can effect on your own.
  • If, after our discussion, you request a proposal from us, we will waive the $50 consultation fee.
  • Clear agreement to customized proposals will be satisfied by all parties before any Pepperbox Solutions initiatives are executed.

Just call 850-384-6646 or email to schedule a consultation meal or meeting.  General questions…