Good Cultures Attract Good Employees


If you are a leader, you influence culture.  The behaviors you encourage, discourage, exhibit and talk about are the behaviors others begin to use and expect when they work around you.  If the leaders in your business are aligned in their conduct and in the conduct they expect from others, a business culture soon evolves.

Cultures that diminish trust impede business results and employee careers.  Is your business culture attracting employees who will help you execute on your vision and targeted results?  Or are employees who take initiative, respond to learning and purpose to win avoiding environments like yours?  Ask yourself some questions about your culture….

  • Do people here help each other?
  • Do most people here take initiative to offer solutions?
  • Is it obvious to other employees when someone doesn’t follow the accepted behavior?
  • Do people avoid committing to specific actions?
  • Are we really working toward the same priority (customers, revenue, quality, etc.)?
  • Do the behaviors of our owners or executives reflect the expectations we share with our employees?

Company culture is a top reason people give for leaving

You can craft a culture, but most cultures simply evolve around the core leaders.  It sounds inclusive to say words like, ‘just be yourself,’ but there can be consequences when being yourself stalls progress, limits communication or offends paying clients. According to 2017 Gallup data, company culture is within the top 5 reasons people give for exiting their job.  It is worth the effort to consciously examine your culture, the people it attracts, and the effect it has on business progress.

Simple culture tests:

It may be easier to start with the stuff people don’t do.  Identify positive behaviors by soliciting responses to the statement, “What are you glad we don’t do here.”  In naming the harmful behaviors people avoid, you may identify the positive ones that are forming a foundation of trust.

Ask yourself if your company is sustaining the kind of place you would chose to work if you were looking for a job.  We hope so!

Positive culture is an advantage you want to strengthen and nurture continually.  It certainly makes it easier to align your workforce and execute a common purpose.  That kind of alignment is what Pepperbox Solutions strives to bring to each client!  We are here to listen, affirm or help you find solutions to culture challenges.