Career Check-Up

Sometimes you just need to say it… or to ask someone who’s walked a similar path….

Being an individual contributor can be a lonely world. Today unique roles are created without the support-systems traditionally established when everyone had the same role.

Sometimes work feels like the chaos will never let you find the bottom of the pile or the true priority.  You are probably the only one that can validate the solutions, but if you need a safe place to talk or a third party to listen with unbiased perspective, we don’t judge.  If you feel you’re in deep water and looking for someone to toss you a professional life-ring, let us!

Building a career is daily, but unless it is also purposeful, it can suddenly be just a job.   The options for professional development are dizzying: don’t go for stitches when you need only a pair of tweezers to remove a splinter, and don’t start a drug regime when consistent exercise will rejuvenate you.  Bring your symptoms for a quick career check-up.

Other Individual Contributors have found our help with

  • finding a path through frustration caused by the seeming incompetence of others
  • understanding and confidently facing upcoming or unexpected change
  • prioritizing behaviors to strengthen their professional brand
  • re-establishing trust and competence after a career misstep
  • collecting the right data for a solid resume
  • deciding where to invest development effort and dollars

We commit to…

  • Schedule a call within three business days after receiving the form below
  • Listen and offer our professional perspective for one hour on the phone
  • Keep your conversation and its contents in confidence
  • Use our expertise to offer professional perspectives on your ideas and options
  • Charge charge $25 for 1x support or we can invoice a few calls as a structured development plan.

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