Become Your Own Dream Manager


That wise counsel from the Gospels of “loving your neighbor as yourself” is not so impossible when you try to replicate the way you dream someone would manage you.  It’s easy to see what we don’t like about our leaders; it is a bit more difficult to envision what they should be – or rather, what you should be.  Gallup has recently shared that “about one in 10 people possess a strong natural ability to manage when they are put into their management roles,” so that leaves most of us some room for improvement.  At least 4 of the 7 natural abilities Gallup identifies are driven by knowing your team.  Try considering what would satisfy you if you worked in their skin.

Can you answer these four questions
… about each person you manage?

  • What is their energy level like this month, and what is impacting it?
  • How are they building confidence in their strengths and closing development gaps to enhance their career in the direction they have targeted?
  • Do they know themselves well enough to identify how they impact their own work-satisfaction?
  • What legitimate roadblocks do they feel are keeping them from contributing their best work?

Would you be more engaged if your manager incorporated your answers to these questions into your performance conversations?

If you are not part of that perfect 10% of managers, what is keeping you from knowing your employees well enough to answer questions like these?  Ask yourself: is it skills you need to practice, your behavior that limits relationships, habits that are difficult to prioritize, or are you drawn off-course by the drama of poor performers?  Do not take your eye off your winners; research these answers with them first!

Rapport-building takes time and creativity.  How in the world do you fit these opportunities into all the other responsibilities you juggle?  If you need ideas and solutions to begin or enhance your effort to be the manager of your dreams, we offer reasonable time and budget solutions and have worked one-on-one with scores of leaders.  Let us hear from you!

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