Be the Hero; Lead Change


Strategic business plans are critical when change is required in an organization; one of those plans has probably landed on your desk for every business change you’ve faced.  Maybe you write the plans, but you know each one is useless unless someone works the plan.  You cannot work the plan alone – you need engaged people to work it – every time.

Even good changes stink: performance drops, processes break, projects die, rumors multiply, emotions soar, dependable people leave, customers doubt, budgets fail… the list goes on.  Do the leaders around you continue to think their strategic plans will be enough to carry everyone through this chaos?


Communicate, communicate, communicate!

  • You can’t over communicate; your communication can be ineffective.
  • Communicate wisely – you can communicate the wrong thing, at the wrong time, in the wrong way….
  • Communicate often – the kaleidoscope of emotions & needs of your audience is ever-fluctuating.
  • Communicate consistently – people must trust that the communication will come:
    • Create audience listening/reading habits, use the same format
    • Build confidence in service/product resources, keep updates current

Move fast to implementation!

  • We define implementation as the time when the changes are used universally and metrics are identified and measured with consistency.
  • Productivity doesn’t usually move in a positive direction until the changes are accepted as ‘business as usual.’

Ensure consistent application of new methods!

  • We naturally return to old habits if/when we get distracted or don’t see value in the new way.
  • It is critical to build in accountability and checks & balance systems to ensure the new ways are being executed correctly and consistently.

Equip employees to manage change!

  • Executing change without the people is futile…
  • Be the heroes… equip the people to work the plan effectively; that is the only way to keep them engaged for the long haul of working through the challenges, finding the solutions and living the dream described in the strategic plan that landed on your desk.
  • Each culture is unique, ask for help to customize the basics to equip your team or employee base.

No one wants to be the one leading the charge – for fear they may be the first to fall….  But preparing everyone to charge means someone must lead the preparation.  Employees want to see your plan succeed – prepare them, so more of you can charge forward together & find support through the fray.  Contact us to discuss strategies for equipping your people to execute successful change.

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