You’ve seen managers who consistently thank their team members for making them look good with “we love you” feedback; oddly their team’s performance is often mediocre.  It takes little effort to see through that messaging and identify those leaders who use gratitude as a bribe to profit from momentary cooperation.  Praise is a fantastic energizer.  For leaders, that energy can explode or implode careers.

Don’t let the poor behavior of others keep you from effectively using gratitude to generate energized results within your team.  You can easily avoid the pitfalls of those who sabotage their own careers with self-promoting platitudes.


Don’t excessively thank them…

  • for favors they offer that exalt you as an individual
  • for competitive behavior that demotivates their colleagues or the company’s customers


Thank and praise them excessively…

  • for exhibiting emotional intelligence that clarifies and unifies
  • for demonstrating behaviors that strengthen efficiencies fueled by trust
  • for delivering effective performance toward targeted results

Leaders often gravitate to one extreme or the other.  We tend to either want everyone to love us or to want everyone to follow our direction.  If you realize you are stuck in one of those extreme paths, it’s time to find some balance.  Incorporating effective gratitude into your leadership toolkit is an easy first step.  Contact us!  And find a map to that equilibrium!  It could be one small step for you, but one giant leap for your career!

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