Statistics Are More Than Numbers


We are each in charge of our own performance, so the very idea of ‘managing’ another person’s results takes either a belief in your own Svengali bloodline or an acknowledgement that you will put major energy into guiding, influencing and helping others.

The guiding is making sure your team understands the direction they should go; influencing them can get you their extra, largely discretionary, effort.  Helping others means that you have answers… or can get answers, that will help people evaluate their individual standing and that help will encourage them to improve or maintain that standing.  This post is about that helping aspect of managing others’ performance by measuring it wisely.

Use Analytics that Reflect Employee Competence

Be respectful about how much performance detail is shared with others; sharing should always celebrate their competence.   Never discipline by sharing performance publicly; this disrespect will demolish critically-needed trust.

To save employee time & tedious effort, choose to use accurate, system-produced data over employee-tracked details.  Make sure you can easily explain the link between their measured results and the company goals. If employees must be part of the analytics tracking, make sure they see how the benefit far outweighs their data-collecting investment.

Encourage employees to track high-level accomplishments for celebrations, and do not spend time verifying; discrepancies will surface if they are impactful to the morale of the team.  Never base compensation on employee-tracked data.

Make performance statistics logical and simple to understand.  Teaching employees to read their own performance reports will encourage most people to manage their own improvements.

These principles reflect successful resolutions to gaps Pepperbox Solutions has seen repeatedly as leaders try to measure results and hold people accountable for their performance.  Sometimes an outside eye can see both the forest and the trees!

The last blog and the next one also include ‘performance management’ skill tips.