Goal Execution Gets Lost in the Whirlwind


So you are at the end of the first quarter of the year, and no one on your team has looked back at their 2017 goals since they were documented 2-4 months ago.  No judgement; you are normal!  But it is the time that smart leaders open that folder again and honestly ask if their team is still headed in the right direction and if their progress is tracking to make it to the finish line in the next 7-9 months.  It’s [not] funny how businesses seem to finalize goals after the year starts but expect them to be completed before the year ends.  So realizing a fourth of the year is gone can be a wake-up call.

Second Quarter Goals Check-In

Check your alignment with the rest of the company: are your boss(es), their bosses, the company-wide messaging, your customers and marketing perspectives all still pointing to the same priorities that spurred your 2017 goals in the first place?

Check your performance data trends: looking closely at the employee measures that need to move in order to reach your team’s performance goals, will the current progress move your employees to the success they need?

Check your team communication record: are you consistently encouraging and re-invigorating those daily habits that will culminate in the success reflected in your goals?

Check your team’s motivation chatter: do you see and hear your team encouraging one another and working together in ways that will keep the fire stoked through the next few months at least?

Check your team’s development needs: by you should have observed evidence of new skills in action; do they all know how to do the things necessary to finish the course?

Check your journaling practices: for some goals, the efforts made by you or your team are as critical as the final data; are you each tracking those weekly and monthly actions you’ll need to remember next November?

Check your colleague and vendor relationships: are you getting and giving the support needed to ensure the engine continues to move at a healthy pace toward that finish line?

If you surfaced concerns or actually answered ‘no’ to any of those checks, this is the time to take action.  It may not seem like a significant action now, but in another three months, it may require heavy lifting that will make you wish you’d prioritized the time to address those areas.

Double-check your facts; control what you can control; escalate what you can’t control; partner accordingly.  Think ahead.  This is the time an external sounding board or ideas on influencing others can be a key to your 2017 successes.  Let us help you make sure everyone is headed in the same direction.