Let’s Do Teambuilding!


If you have HR partners in your company that help you grow your team, you are fortunate.  But once the people are hired, there is often a reluctance to collaborate with others to ensure the team actually works together successfully.

And so evolves the anemic term of ‘teambuilding.’  You may have heard leaders actually say, “My team is having a teambuilding so we can all bond.”  This equates with a naive assumption that if people know how to socialize and have a good time together, they should be able to produce complex, stressful, quality and efficient results together.  The same leaders who make this assumption seem shocked when their team members return to work and produce the same issues and results as before they had enjoyed that expensive off-site of entertainment… and alcohol.

Use ‘Off-site’ Funding to Drive Results

There is definitely a place for teams to spend time together away from work.  And the opportunity to enjoy non-work distraction is a great reward supporting messages like, “You’ve done such a great job together that we want to show our appreciation and encourage you to keep up your excellent efforts!”

But if your team is not performing at the top of their game yet or has not recently passed a significant hurdle that merits celebration, then you should probably consider adding additional reasons for the fun you plan to purchase with your ‘teambuilding’ funds.

Empower New Direction or New Behaviors

  1. Explore changes that need to be made to their goals or to the way they work together.
  2. Motivate them to make it so!

If you have the gift of motivating your team with mere words, be grateful!  Most of us need more powerful stimuli to encourage other adults to make changes that require a collective effort.  But considering powerful methods like these can transform your team’s bond into energized performance and results.

  • Collaborative expression or creativity
  • Experiences revealing related perspectives
  • Cooperative exertion or concerted success
  • Shared learning that invigorates partnership
  • Self-awareness shared with balanced vulnerability
  • Justified and sincere peer praise or observations
  • Data visuals pointing the targeted direction

You don’t have to go off-site: use any time with your team to ensure you are truly strengthening them.
You don’t have to do this alone: if you or your HR partners need some spark to ignite their power, Pepperbox Solutions can help you light that fuse!