Engaging Our Millennials


Have you ever been disregarded because someone assumed you were like others in a specific group?  If so, you know diversity is more than a theory; it is a business strategy that capitalizes on individual uniqueness.  It’s time to flip your perspective of millennials from impatient, self-centered, social-media zealots to the refreshing positive people they can be in your workplace!  And then engage your best leadership skills to guide that confident, principled passion into great contributors.  Don’t let your negative feelings, fueled by mass messaging, make you hesitate to do what you know how to do.

Yes, they grew up thinking they were winners; those are the seeds of leadership!  Yes, they can be obnoxiously fearless when facing new technology; how many times have you prayed to see that trait in employees?  And yes, they want to engage with the team; remember our headaches in the 90’s from teaching competitors to be collaborators?

People, let’s capitalize on their idealism and energy!

Your leaders may not need new skills to make this happen.  But they do need to get to know the individuals of this new generation and help guide them to the success!

Good coaches balance clarifying expectations with soliciting solutions from those they coach.  Typical millennials thrive on this kind of participative learning.

Effective leaders help employees become self-aware enough to manage their stress through the unexpected changes and realistic career disappointments.  They teach their teams to see the probabilities of tomorrow and to prepare for the opportunities or challenges.

Smart managers know true engagement happens only when people – of any age – give their optimal contributions while experiencing optimal satisfaction.  For many millennials, that satisfaction comes when they have an attainable plan customized to their vision.  You can help them create that!

All of us get into a rut after leading the same way for a few years.  They say the US workforce now has more millennials than any other generation.  If you are a leader who is realizing you can’t continue to be successful from your comfort zone, your frustrations are natural.  But it may not be as desperate as it feels.  Let’s talk about the skills you have and how you can apply them in new ways.  Let’s just have a conversation!