Motivating Beyond the 90 Day Honeymoon


You probably do a great job ensuring any new manager is set for success during the first quarter of their new job.  But as time passes you become busy with other priorities and begin to focus mostly on the results coming from your new manager’ team… very normal.  You also know your new person needs more than just the practical to-do realities to fuel their productivity and effectively meet challenges without your micro-direction: they need the energy that comes from growing.

Making that growth a part of on-boarding your new managers can lay a foundation that you will be able to build on for years with that leader.  It sets an accountability with you and gives them a vision they can drive without having you behind the wheel.

Set Them – and Yourself – Up For Success

Set 4-5 personal goals – Help them set 2 goals describing business accomplishments they must make in the next 6-12 months; make them goals they control totally.  (They’ll inherit plenty that they can’t control.)  Require 2 more goals focused on their using behaviors that will drive critical results; one goal should engage a strength they have demonstrated.  The other behavior goal should target specific personal development needs or adjustments aligned to their career growth.

Explore professional competencies – Setting a clear understanding of valued leadership skills provides a foundation on which to align other leaders in the culture, to build trust, and to set current and future development expectations for your new leader.  Within their first 90 days, document and discuss each core competency from multiple perspectives: how does your employee view their own experience with the skill; what application have you, as their boss, observed; and how necessary is that ability to their new role.

.Confirm core tools – Life comes at you fast when you are new to a leadership role; you need methods you can grab quickly and use effectively.  When asked, your new leader should be able to share the techniques they use in these situations: evaluating coaching needs; sharing and receiving feedback; leading conversations to gain commitment; managing their time, tasks and events; delegating successfully; conducting meetings; etc.  If you aren’t confident, keep a close eye and be ready to get them training on missing tools!

It doesn’t matter if a person is new to leadership or a tenured professional, their passion for a new opportunity burns longer when it’s fueled by a vision for personal fulfillment and growth.  If any of these concepts are new to you, Pepperbox Solutions is glad to share ideas and experience that can make your life simpler, your leaders stronger and your results greater!  Send us your questions or give us a call.