Living in the Change Curve


Not only do you expect your employees to understand each new regulation, technology, marketing, pricing, and service campaign that your customers may respond to, you also ask them to be constantly learning how to enter, track, support, troubleshoot and escalate every aspect of each of those business adjustments.  And those are justifiable expectations!  Business depends on your customer-facing employees digesting and applying increasing amounts of change at breakneck speeds.  But you may not even recognize the hairpin learning curves you have forced them to navigate.  They can be dangerous – to your bottom line.

Think honestly about your own reactions to constant change you can’t control: frustration, confusion, exhaustion, miscommunication, discontent, mistakes….  Any danger when those behaviors run rampant through your team or business?

Ensure maintenance is constant on this evolving roadway

Acknowledge how the changes benefit the organization while they legitimately challenge the humans who must live in the resulting learning curve.

Publicize the expectation that you expect all employees to only control what they can control – that’s big enough.  Then don’t let them become the scapegoats for random misses or others’ failings.

Get ahead of the curve by demanding that smart resources be created – and maintained – to support employees’ fast-paced knowledge needs.  Make sure they each know where the tools live and how to use them!

Equip their direct leaders to advocate for them responsibly and to lead them effectively through the daily chaos to successfully reach individual and organization results.  Sounds simple; it’s the toughest job in your organization!

At a leader level, your cadence of change and resulting details are not as constant as your employees’ are, but that makes it even more important for you to equip your customer-facing staff and their supervisors to manage the learning curve in which they live.  Need some more ideas on how to make that happen?  Let Pepperbox Solutions share some ideas that have worked!