Face the Ugly Side of Goal Setting


This is the time of year that most business leaders are hiding some ugly guilt about goal setting.  Your goals are out of date: ‘what got you here won’t get you there.’  You drafted new goals, but they are still in the binder from that meeting when you wrote them – weeks ago.  You found temporary relief when you shared the new goals with the people who must make them happen, but that gnawing guilt is growing because no one has mentioned them again and the end of the quarter is approaching.  The words ‘goals’ and ‘taxes’ remain heartburn triggers through the spring of each year.

It takes a while after learning to write SMART goals to realize that pretty goals don’t hide the ugly guilt of not acting on them.  Most of the actions that relieve that heartburn can be bucketed into two areas: effectively communicating the goals and effectively partnering to execute them.

Communicating helps assuage the guilt.

Ensure every person who helps drive a goal understands why it exists for the business.

Ensure every person knows how – or if – their work drives a goal.

Ensure every person understands what they must do consistently to reach their goals.

Ensure everyone keeps talking about the actions that drive the goals.

Partnering turns the guilt into profit.

Remember business goals are only interesting if the positive results will effect each employee.

Remember the leaders can never accomplish goals without the people they lead.

Remember that everyone who impacts the goal needs recognition for their efforts.

Remember personal goals are only personal if the employee controls their results.

If taxes and goals were easy, there would not be so much reluctance to jump in and get the job done: they are too customized to copy off anyone else.  Pepperbox Solutions can help you convert your goals into another successful year.  If this sounds like the relief you need, let us know!  We’re glad to help.