Hire the One that Will Lead to Success


When you start looking for the right person to help manage a group of your employees, it can be tedious and feel like you’re searching “somewhere over the rainbow.”  Candidate diversity and philosophies of leadership vary more than the colors of the rainbow.  You’ll need to know what you’re looking for and recognize that treasure when you see it: you need a map!

Sketch that map by looking at the group he or she will lead.  Consider what team-results they produce, what historical challenges they’ve struggled to overcome, and what key behaviors, skills and experiences will be needed by their next leader to ensure the consistency or growth you envision for those employees.

What to Search for in that Potential Leader

Behaviors: Let’s define behaviors as the way a person interacts with others; perhaps you already have several behavioral expectations for your leaders or company.  Which ones will be critical for this new person to successfully lead their group?  Behaviors are usually habits and take determination to establish or change.

Skills: What skills will they need? Remember not every manager needs the same skills as their employees use, but they will need to evaluate and demonstrate respect for the skills required to produce the team results.  What leadership skills are most critical in your culture or for this position?  Skills can be taught….

Experience: There is no substitute for experience, but just because you’ve had a flat tire doesn’t mean you changed it yourself…. Do not assume that something listed on a resume resulted in the learning or wisdom you are vitally seeking!  Experience can be fast-tracked through formal competency-learning if behaviors and skills form a strong foundation on which to build.

How to Discover Potential During an Interview

Candidate interviews are your chance to inspect that ‘pot of gold’ you hope to find at the end of your search.  The questions and the way you ask them are just as important as the candidates you choose to interview.  You get only one chance to decide if that person habitually uses key behaviors they’ll need, is prepared to engage or learn the critical skills, and has the foundational experience or competence to lead your employees.

Often we rush to hire because manager vacancies compound production and performance struggles.  We can help you do it right.  Get help to quickly and effectively capitalize on those critical interviews so your next manager is the treasure you envisioned!  Call or complete this quick contact form, and let’s get started!