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Post 1 of 8:“We know that – in fewer than two months – a significant segment of our employee population will be hourly and no longer exempt from overtime!  That’s what we know….”  Sharon responded to the question Josh had asked as he’d started the car after their meeting.  All this year, their boss had ensured they were scheduled for several legal overviews; his intent was to educate them on the Department of Labor’s White Collar Overtime Exemption changes.  Yet they were still surprised today when he asked the two of them to come up with a strategy to successfully navigate its implementation in their mid-sized business.

“But I think you are right; we have to start by asking, ‘What do we know,’” she continued.  “We have to gather lots of facts and questions before we can even start preparations.  But I thought he was having us attend those sessions just for our development; suddenly it’s more than an academic exercise.  Advising on the actual impact to the business and to our colleagues is pretty terrifying to me.”

“Sobering, isn’t it.  I seriously want to review what the law says and start a list of questions we need to ask that labor-law guy who gave us his card last month.  Can we start that after lunch?”  Josh drove quietly for a few minutes while Sharon searched the folder where she’d collected notes from the sessions they’d attended.

Sharon found what she was after, “How about if I review some facts from my notes, and then we’ll start the list you suggested after lunch?  Also, I’m going to text and see if we can buy that guy lunch tomorrow.

  • The December 1st law is raising the minimum salary level that is exempt from our paying overtime after 40 hours worked.
  • The minimum level is moving from $455 a week to $913; from $23,660 to $47,476 a year.
  • We know we should check those duties tests described in the law that apply to executive, administrative, professional, computer and outside sales work.
  • Also, that minimum level is scheduled to be re-set or re-evaluated again in 2019 and every three years after that, so our solutions have to take that into consideration.

“Those are the main things I have in my notes about the law.  But there are some definitions that would be wise for us to digest before going too far.”

Josh started to ask the questions that were already forming in his head, but stopped himself, “Sharon, would you mind if we just grab lunch and take it back to the office?  I’d really like to jump on this as quickly as possible.”

“That would be a relief for me.  Thanks for suggesting it.”

Reality: Business leaders should always partner with human resource or labor-law professionals to ensure they stay aware of up-coming labor law changes.

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