New Year With Resolution…2

To empower others, you must take their measurements regularly…


Post 2: When Jeff’s new boss asked how his first day was going, he eagerly shared the bright spot of his day. He had discovered that his three supervisors were on top of the efforts to ensure their teams started down the new year path together with aligned goal-setting.

Jeff shared the example given by Andrew because that team supported the high level leaders, who were his new boss’s peers. The members of Andrew’s team each provide different but standard support for those executives, but the ways they create their outputs are directly driven by the company projections, so  yearly adjustments are required.

Andrew had explained his three steps. First, in fourth quarter he sends to his team the most current iteration of the upcoming year’s projections and asks what else the team needs to order to set their goals. By year-end, Andrew supplies the team with any additional data.

Early in first quarter, he extends his staff meeting and the team examines their current processes to make any adjustments needed in collecting information for their outputs. The objective is to align their collection processes so executives don’t have to follow a different process for each person on the team.

After those adjustments are drafted and buy-in is reached, they then have two weeks to customize personal goals that align with the strategic projections & the adjusted team processes. Andrew’s third meeting is for each of his five team members to share those individual targets; this ensures they can all support one another and avoid unnecessary adjustments later in the year.

As Jeff finished his description, his boss smiled, “When Andrew started aligning their processes about 4 years ago, we all thought he walked on water. Before that, we each delivered our information a different way for each of his five team functions; they were originally designed for the ease of his team instead of for us, as their customers. To this day my colleagues are quick to respond to requests from his group because we are all so grateful for that kind of support.”

Reality: The new year brings a smart opportunity to focus your entire team or company in the same direction. It takes critical analysis and input if your market is complex or moving quickly and critical communication if your business has multiple groups who have the temptation to work in silos. But confirming company direction helps employees at every level check the resolution of their efforts and ensure they are viewing results clearly.

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