New Year With Resolution

You can’t change process without changing people…


Post 1 of 3: Jeff left his first staff meeting feeling pretty great about the team of leaders he had just inherited. He had accepted a transfer across the country, and before he left his old position, he had scheduled today’s meeting to learn about the business savvy and perspective of his new team. Each of his three supervisors led a small, diverse group of people with slightly differing responsibilities, so he had been concerned about how they kept everyone going in the same direction. During the meeting he was most encouraged by their responses to one key question.

Since he was starting this new job at the very beginning of the new year, he had asked each leader to explain how they create a common focus and direction for the year with their specific teams.

He was pleased with four aspects of their responses: first, they each seemed eager to share, even though they didn’t know he was going to ask that question; second, they all had different answers and methods that he interpreted as a sign of individual initiative; third, they each took notes and commented when their colleagues shared, showing their willingness to learn from and encourage one another. The forth great discovery was that they actually had good ideas!

Genevieve has the most traditional method of the three. She starts by soliciting key leader input on the drafted team goals she creates. Then, at a half-day event, she shows her team how the goals align with the company’s priorities and with the objectives of the two internal groups the team supports. They then spend time with a facilitator who helps guide the team through identifying individual accomplishments that need to be targeted in order to support the team goals. They finish the time with a review of how to write effective goals and set a due date for 2-3 drafted individual objectives.

Genevieve shared that the method generates great ideas on how their actual work aligns and supports the direction of the company. As they listen to discussions, it also helps new team members better understand their client groups and the resources they have among their peers.

Reality: The new year brings a smart opportunity to focus your entire team or company in the same direction. It takes critical analysis and input if your market is complex or moving quickly and critical communication if your business has multiple groups who have the temptation to work in silos. But confirming company direction helps employees at every level check the resolution of their efforts and ensure they are viewing results clearly.

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