Ask, Before Telling…2

Feelings count… to employees they count as much as wages & hours…

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Part 2: Since he was the one who challenged his friends, Dennis and Tanya, to try the principle of asking for employee input before telling them what to do, Josh was anxious to tell about his experience next.

“My discovery was also around hidden talent, Dennis. But in addition to finding some exciting talent, I also validated that some people did not have the experience that I naively assumed they had. Their input to my requests for ideas revealed severely outdated philosophies; I have some work to do with a few tenured members of my sales team.

I uncovered this by sharing with the team a challenge I’ve witnessed in getting our small business clients to understand a new product we have developed. After I shared the issue, I asked each person individually for ideas on how they would get these clients to understand the value of the product if they had unlimited time and resources. Their creativity was amazing! We combined several of their ideas, and now we have a one-minute video that can be accessed from any client site and helps the buyers visualize their success with the new product. My team has improved their close rates on the product by 20% in just the last week since we started using the video!”

Tanya grinned at how much this simple idea had helped her friends, “Josh, you always take on yourself so much of the responsibility for developing your team. I hope you continue to ask them for ideas so maybe they can learn from each other and lighten some of your load.”

Reality: Asking for input can spark willingness, insight and creativity in others. These employee traits can increase results and decrease leadership stress! Failing to ask for input before telling others what you want them to do can crush feelings of empowerment and confidence: we all lose.

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