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Leaders need support, too

You have a problem — you’re expected to be a leader at work, but you don’t always have the feedback and support to lead confidently.

Meet Pepperbox Solutions, your secret weapon at work. Talk through your issues, get practical and tested solutions that will help you confidently lead, and watch your team succeed. Meeting with Susan will help you give feedback clearly and know you’ve done what’s best for your company and your people. You’ll be able to stop worrying about miscommunication, awkwardness and poor reviews.

You have what it takes to be a great leader. With Pepperbox, you can move forward with confidence and clarity.

Meet Your Coach

Susan Rollwagen has worked in organizational development for over 25 years. Her passion is helping people work together toward their common success. Her coaching focuses on team alignment and performance improvement to reach this objective.‍

Executives have plenty of resources. But the rest of us — living in the whirlwind of meeting our executives’ expectations — often struggle to find solutions that make a difference and the time to figure out how those solutions fit our situations.

What’s different when you choose Pepperbox? Susan has real, practical experience. She doesn’t give advice that works between the pages of a business book, but falls apart in the real world. Her professional experience is diverse, so she can help you find solutions that fit your world.

Susan Rollewagen

How It Works

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Reach out and share your challenge

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Create a custom coaching plan together

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Move forward with confidence

Meeting Times that Fit Your Needs

Drop-in Coaching

Get a quick answer about a specific situation.

Ongoing Coaching

Meet weekly to create new habits for success.

Pepperbox coaching sessions are designed to give you personal and private feedback and guidance on situations that frustrate you when you’re working with others. Susan offers 1-hour drop in coaching sessions for people who have an immediate problem they need to solve. For people who want ongoing coaching or who are looking for coaching for their teams, she can offer a quote for an ongoing, customized package.

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What Clients Say

"My 8-week coaching session with Susan at Pepperbox Solutions was brought about from a negative event at work. The eye-opening revelations, lessons and tools that Susan presented in her coaching were indeed things I needed to learn. A clear understanding of how concepts like “expectations” and “accountability” work together was one thing that I knew but had never put into action. We are reaping the benefits from the awesome lessons from Pepperbox. Thank you, Susan!"

Tony Mazzuco
Production Manager

"Coaching helped me perform a much-needed critical self-evaluation and then gave me the tools to help myself out of certain situations. There were several things that were extremely valuable to me, but I would have to say that getting someone from outside the organization to understand the company dynamic so quickly was a true gift."

Layla Nava Trejo
Program Manager

"I worked with Susan through an 8-week customized coaching session, and I would absolutely recommend her services. She just gets it. She has a thorough understanding of business, of leading a team, and of communicating as a manager of people. I can’t wait to work with her again, and I have encouraged all of my colleagues to use her services."

Pamela Sanderson
Director of Operations

"I was excited when Susan offered me her time after hearing I had a new leadership position at work. Whether you are new to leadership or a long-time veteran, the value of a compass is not only in letting you know if you are off course but even more so for letting you know you remain on course. I’ve found Susan to be a very reliable compass and a treasure trove of sound advice."

Nathaniel Kimball
Principal Software Engineer, Product Owner

"I have managed projects by myself for quite some time. I recently hired an assistant, but I had no idea how to manage her. Susan was a huge help. She helped me realize what I should delegate and how I could utilize the new employees’ strengths while lessening my own burden. Susan is so easy to talk to. It’s like asking an old friend for advice. She gives her honest opinions and answers while helping you find solutions to your problems. "

Leslie Johnson
Marketing Product Manager

"Susan, the manager you’ve been coaching is hard at work implementing some of your suggestions. He is in a great frame of mind, and obviously took your feedback in the way it was intended – to help him grow and improve. He seems relieved to have gotten finite direction that he understands, instead of irritated sound bites in our chaos. He has already made two great suggestions. Thank you so very much!"

Caron Sjoberg
Business Owner

"I consulted with Susan from Pepperbox in order to sharpen my communication skills and prepare for a job interview. She provided some valuable insights and feedback that helped me think about my experiences, highlight my strengths, and communicate my goals in a manner to which my potential employer could relate. The result was two job offers. I’d highly recommend Susan and Pepperbox to improve your communication skills."

Harmon Michael
Lieutenant Colonel, retiring USMC

"Susan is a first-class Business Consultant, Partner and thought leader…. On one project specifically, we looked at different aspects of my team and their individual contributions…. Afterward my team showed stronger team Commitment, Better Team Collaboration and Higher Trust. Susan is also a great teacher and mentor which is another reason people love working with her. If you have the opportunity to work with Susan, I suggest you take full advantage of it!”"

Lori Gurule-Rat
Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

"Susan has a unique talent for viewing others’ perspectives and finding commonality to goal or purpose. This is a true gift and talent in the Organizational Development world. Her rapid responsiveness is critical to business success; her solutions are prized for their applicability and practicality."

Victoria Vaughn
Talent Management Development Professional

"I just had text to let you know how spot on you were with today’s suggestion regarding communicating and getting through to my employees. I totally used your advice, changed my approach and believe my words actually got through. Same problem, new approach, and saw a spark of ‘oh I get this now’!"

Caron Sjoberg
Business Owner

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